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This Webring is for Scouts "All" over the World.

This Webring was started to allow, All Scouts to have a common place to share the things, they see and do, with other Scouts, no matter where they are from. We welcome All Scouts and Scouters to join, and we ask you to tell your Fellow Scouters everywhere, about us.

This Webring is for "Scouting Related Sites" ONLY !

Please, if your site is not "90% + Scouting Related", don't submit it !

We reserve the right to refuse admission to any site, that does not follow our written Policies and those of the Webring Organization, by Sage Weil . I suggest you review them prior to your submission.

You must display our Graphics on the page you register and they must remain there, unless you "temporarly" remove you site from the ring.

After you Submit your site to the webring, You will recieve an Email with the code you need, to add your site, so your site maybe included in the Scouts R Us Webring.

If you have questions, check out - FAQ .
You can check out our written - Policies .
You can check out the current - Ring Members.
You can Submit your site to The Scouts R Us Webring.
You can edit your profile and get your current code,
in the Members Only area.
You can check the Query to see the Statis of your site.

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The code above, is the New code you need for your site.

Don't forget to copy the two Graphics,
srus-n.jpg and srus-p.jpg to your site, too.

Webring Members, go to the Members Area to get you updated code.

We welcome any comments or suggestions you might have about our site. Let us know what you think!

Chris is the Ringmaster of the trnsr2

Webring Started 9/10/98

Last Updated 4-26-2008

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When geocities decided to close down on October 26, 2009, So we moved to - October 1st 2009.

Last updated - 10/1/2009