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Back to Gilwell, Happy Land......

Do YOU have that Gilwell Spirit? Would you like to share that wonderful feeling with other Scouters? You've come to the right place! Join the Gilwell Spirit Webring!

Whether you've just completed the practical course, working on your ticket or have had your beads for a thousand years, you are welcome to become a member of this ring. Even if your webpage isn't specific to Woodbadge. As long as it's a Scouting website whose purpose is to share Scouting, Fun and Resources with other Scouters.

The rules:

1. Your site MUST be Scouting at its best
2. YOU (or a member of the Pack/Troop the site represents) must be a critter!
3. You must download BOTH images to your computer and UPLOAD them to YOUR OWN server
4. You MUST display the WebRing on your *landing* or webring page!
5. Feel free to change the COLORS of the text and links to look best on your page

Thaaaaaaat's all folks :) Easier than writing a ticket

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Webring Started 11/1/99
Last updated 4-22-2008

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When geocities decided to close down on October 26, 2009, we moved to Scoutingwebrings.com - October 1st 2009.

Last updated - 10/1/2009